Terms of Service

Validar Inc., 2019

Your permission to use the Validar Lead Source Manager, Event Insight, Lead Import, vCapture, Onsite Registration Manager, EventHub® mobile solutions, vConnect, and Session Attendance tracking services (hereafter, "Service") is subject to an End User License Agreement and/or other written contracts between Validar Inc. and your employer, and is conditioned upon your compliance with these Terms of Service. By clicking [Accept] or by using the Service, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.

User Account. You must maintain the confidentiality of your Service user account and password. You are solely responsible for your conduct with respect to the Service and use of your Service user account, whether such use is authorized by you or not. You will immediately notify Validar Inc and your employer of any unauthorized access to or use of your Service user account.

Use of the Service. You are permitted to use the Service solely for the benefit of your employer and in support of your employer's business. You may not use the Service for your personal benefit or provide access to the Service to any other person. You must use the Service in accordance with applicable laws and these Terms of Service. You must not use the Service to interfere with Validar Inc's network or other Validar Inc customers. Your right to use the Service will terminate immediately when your employer's subscription to use the Service terminates or when you cease to be an employee of the subscriber.

Validar Inc Data. Except as provided to the contrary in a written contract between Validar Inc and your employer, network traffic data, general statistical data, aggregated trend data, other information generated from use of the system, and related information and materials generated or compiled in connection with the Service ("Validar Inc Data") are and will be owned exclusively by Validar Inc. You are permitted to access and use the Validar Inc Data solely in connection with receiving and using the Service. You are prohibited from disclosing, reselling, or distributing the Validar Inc Data in any manner without Validar Inc express written consent. As you know, both you and Validar Inc are prohibited from illegal or inappropriate use of "personally identifiable information" pertaining to consumers or other persons or customers with whom your employer does business. Validar undertakes to hold in strictest privacy all customer information or other personally identifiable information to which it may have access, details of which can be found in Validar Inc's Privacy Policy located at www.validar.com/privacy-policy/.

Confidentiality. Access to the Service is not available to the general public and, accordingly, you must not disclose to any third parties the confidential or proprietary aspects of the Service. You will maintain the confidentiality and privacy of specific call records, customer data, and customized reports.

Disclaimer of Warranties. The Service is provided for your use as-is and without any warranties.

Indemnification. You will indemnify and hold harmless Validar Inc and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and agents from and against all liabilities, claims, costs (including attorney's fees and costs), and expenses arising out of your misuse or abuse of the Service or Validar Inc Data.

Modifications to the Terms of Use. Validar Inc may modify these Terms of Use at any time (a) by giving you notice of the modified Terms of Use or (b) by requiring you to accept the modified Terms of Use.

To access our online Service, each user must accept the terms and conditions as set forth in this End User License Agreement. Once accepted, you will not be presented with this screen again unless the terms change.

*Last updated December 18, 2017