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    The Leader in Lead Retrieval and Lead Management

    Validar offers a suite of lead retrieval products and services to help you maximize the return on your investment. We do not believe in a one size fits all solution and recognize your unique needs. These options are intended to satisfy your lead capture needs under any circumstance.

    1.       Do you want a dedicated device or devices to capture leads?

    2.       Do you need custom qualifiers to score leads by value?

    3.       Do you want your leads ranked by value for treatment by your marketing stack?

    4.      Do you want to automatically import leads into Salesforce?

    5.       Do you have your own custom 3rd party lead retrieval solution?

    6.       Did you provide a session slot on the schedule for exhibiting sponsors?

     Validar is ideally suited to serve your exhibitor community, or tradeshow lead retrieval needs no matter the circumstances.

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    vCapture Global

    Are you tired of renting and customizing lead retrieval for your tradeshow program? If so, vCapture Global is the program for you, especially if Salesforce is the end destination for your event leads. Capture, score, and drive leads into your CRM system direct from the show floor!

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    Salesforce Integration

    Should Validar provide vCapture lead retrieval to your sponsors, we will not only be great ambassadors for your event, we also offer Salesforce integration with our Lead Import for AppExchange tool.

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Don't let leads or data slip through the cracks

Global Lead Retrieval for any event

vCapture can be a great alternative to renting lead retrieval from events that you exhibit at.
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    Scan Business Cards

    Whether your exhibiting at an event with no lead retrieval options, or simply networking, you can use vCapture on your own IOS device to scan score and post business card direct into your Salesforce instance.

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    Standardize your lead capture program

    By using your own custom vCapture solution, you can make sure your leads are captured, qualified and treated consistently from any event globally.

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    Enable Sales with lead capture

    Stop accepting business cards and allowing sales people to work around your CRM system. Enable them with a vCapture app that they can use to capture, score and post leads from networking events automatically.

Our clients love us!

  • Every year we go to about ten trade shows and spend over $400k in fees, travel expenses, and labor. Historically, we had to keep a paper notebook separately because many attendees won't give their direct phone number or corporate email addresses. Whether the paper notes even get entered is another question. With Validar, there's an app for that that takes your leads directly from Validar into Salesforce, without corrupting the data. Learned it in less time than the native Salesforce lead import. Import options let you do every imaginable business logic -- matching with existing leads or contacts (or not), field mapping, setting the Lead Source and Campaign, etc. Much safer than csv imports.

    There's just too much value in the data not to capture notes or map custom fields.

    Rick Banister

    Rick Banister

    CEO and Founder, Sesame Software

Valuable data is leaking from your events and sapping your ROI, stop it with vCapture solutions