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    Robust Lead Management

    Drive leads direct from your vCapture solution of choice into Salesforce.com using Validar Lead Import for AppExchange. Now, ranked and categorized leads can be mapped to the correct fields and distributed to the right sales people automatically.
    These and many more capabilities available:
    - Lead De-Duping - Exact match and closest matching of Leads and Contacts.
    - Salesforce ID Matching - Lead Import will ensure IDs are the first thing matched.
    - Robust Campaign Assignment -Match one lead to multiple campaigns or a unique campaign member status based upon value
    - Lead Assignment Rules - Trigger the right lead assignment rules for distribution!

Lead Import Validar

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What can I do with Lead Import?

Lead De-Duping
Exact match and closest matching of Leads and Contacts, to maintain data integrity.

Salesforce ID Matching
When importing from a known list, Validar Lead Import will ensure the IDs are the first thing matched within Leads and Contacts.

Record Type Matching
If Lead or Contact Record Type is present, then it can be mapped or assigned according to your business needs.

Field Level Mapping
Map Validar Lead data to the specific field targets in Salesforce.com.

Lead Creation
Create Leads and leverage your distribution rules.

Campaign Assignment
Track Event effectiveness by assigning the Validar Lead Source to a Campaign.

Auto-Task Generation
Create Activities or Tasks to start a new sales workflow.

Data Cleansing
Filter out the lead data results which do not meet your quality standards

Archiving of Lead Sources
Provides the ability to make old or expired lead sources inactive.

Import Automation
Leads will automatically process when captured assuring follow-up is timely. This is a huge benefit to our web-form users.

Campaign Member Status
Salesforce users who leverage campaigns can set and overwrite the campaign member status field. Perfect for marketing campaigns with multiple touches such as registered, attended etc.

Our clients love us

  • Best Lead Capture/Import Tool

    As the Lead Specialist at my company I am tasked with making sure that all of the leads we capture are captured and imported into SalesForce correctly. I can guarantee that Validar will not let you down. Customer services is second to none. They will check in on you during the show without you needed to ask. I wouldn't be surprised if the CEO showed up at my booth if there was a problem. Looking forward to a future partnership with Validar.

    Joey Maritz

    Joey Maritz

    Market Development Event Specialist

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