EventHub® Attendee Tool

An event specific HTML5 website where attendees can provide feedback on content, see engagement activity, leaderboards, and event agenda

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    Measure Content with Dynamic Evaluations

    Integrate your EventHub evaluations within the Mobile App of your choosing to capture feedback live during sessions and also market feedback via email to a Smartlist to make sure your response rates are high!

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    Attendee Engagement Activity at your fingertips

    With EventHubs My Score Tab, attendees can see their EventScore engagement points earned by dynamically tracking sessions attended, evaluations completed, and exhibitors visited. We can even allow attendees to redeem points for prizes with our EventScore program.

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    No more siloed data

    Use EventHub with our Attendee Tracking solutions and all of your data will reside within one system, most importantly feedback!

Validar EventHub

Get more feedback. Get better feedback.

Measure the effectiveness of your content!

EventHub can tell you what content is resonating well and what needs to be improved.
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    Content Measurement Report

    By combining our Session Attendance data with your EventHub evaluation data, you can determine which speakers and content is performing and who needs coaching. Measure your content with EventHub!

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    Segment your Audience

    There is nothing more frustrating as an attendee than waiting in line post session to speak with a Speaker or Subject Matter expert. Use EventHub to segment your audience so you know of those that attended who's genuinely interested and wants to extend the conversation.

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    Understand, Act, Improve

    Are you interested in knowing how your content is resonating, which speakers perform better than others, and if your goals are being met? Measure your content and reward or replicate top performers by capturing:
    - Most Conversions "Hand Raisers"
    - Highest scores against event goals
    - Lowest Scores against event goals
    - Evaluation completion percentages

Our clients love us!

  • We're very pleased with the high level of service we receive from Validar, receptiveness to questions, responsiveness to concerns and quick solutions. We're happy to be working with the Validar team.

    Dee Dee Said

    Dee Dee Said

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Get a level of attendee visibility and understanding you never thought possible.