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Best In-class Ticketing Experience

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    Speed up your check-in experience!

    There is no faster way to check an attendee in than by leveraging the Validar event ticket. You will have no lines if your attendees leverage Validar's PKPass file with the Apple or Android digital Wallet.

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    Integrate Ticketing with your Marketing Stack

    For non-fee events, if you're interested in extending your Marketing Automation platform to include RSVP and Ticketing call us.

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    Enable Geo-Conferencing notifications

    Just like the airlines, send automatic notifications to attendees when they enter a defined virtual perimeter.

Event Tickets Validar

Get your attendees off to a great start with Validar's Event Ticket solutions, we can serve events and budgets of all sizes

We have the tools you need to insure attendees have their tickets!

We can deliver the falling ticket types and access points
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    PKPAss File

    Market an event branded ticket that you can download onto Android and iPhone Wallet.

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    Embedded Image URL

    You can also deliver the a unique ticket image that is incorporated into an HTML email for fast check-in.

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    SMS Opt-In

    Validar will provide a custom SMS keyword and short code that can be used to access your ticket anytime during the event. Perfect for signage.

  • Validar has made a dramatic improvement to our events onsite registration process.

    Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown

    Experiential Event Marketing Manager, Genesys

  • Absolutely fantastic experience. From the sales stage to the execution and onsite support the entire team was more than satisfied with the service of Validar. We will definitely be using Validar again in the future!

    Natalie Tekippe

    Natalie Tekippe

    Regional Marketing Specialist at Sirius Computer Solutions

Leads before lines, get your attendees in the door and on the move faster and smoother than ever