Terms & Conditions - Lead Retrieval

Last updated February 2021

By completing the Lead Retrieval Order Form, you agree the above named Company is responsible for the proper use, safeguarding and prompt return of the Validar unit(s) and its accessories, and is also liable for any loss or damage. Validar reserves the right to terminate services if above units are found to be improperly used. Replacement charge is $150/Quick Scan and $650/iOS device. Any software provided to the customer is licensed, not sold and is protected under copyright. For those exhibitors who choose to rent an iPod Touch® or iPad®, please return device to Validar Inc. within 4 business days using the FedEx label provided.

All lead retrieval orders are subject to a $150 cancellation fee. Refund requests submitted more than two (2) weeks in advance of show opening are eligible for credit. Orders cancelled within two (2) weeks of the show will not be refunded or credited.

Full Terms and Conditions here.