The power of an Opt-In and Opt-Out when capturing attendee behavior

There are no better means to drive demand from customers, partners, and prospects than through a well-produced event. Where else can you meet personally with subject matter experts, people with like minded challenges and needs, see a personal demonstration and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner served?

We love events, and our customers continually impress with compelling content and amazing experiences that have a tremendous impact on their attendees.

A well deployed Boolean logic Opt-in or Opt-out question can be an excellent tool for you to capture the renewed interest your content generates, and to allow your audience to control how they want to be treated during and post event. You can also better capture and get the credit you deserve for the product demand you generate.

Here are three (3) great Opt-in and Opt-out tips to consider when planning your next Demand Gen event.

1) Allow attendees to Opt-out when capturing leads at your exhibit.

If you’re leveraging a raffle or giveaways to drive traffic to your booth, that’s great, especially if you’re using this investment to increase sales lead volume. Most leads will be what we call “trinket seekers”. That’s ok. Capture their contact information but treat them accordingly with an effective Opt-out question.

Opt-out lead capture-1.png

If deployed well, 10% of your captured leads should have a defined interest and need, with the remainder falling into an incubation status for your marketing stack.

The economic value of categorizing your leads in this fashion can be extraordinary if you skim the good leads off the top. If you don’t, it will take your Marketing Stack at least 3 to 6 weeks to find that 10% and by then the percentage will reduce due to lead decay.

2) Allow your audience to opt-in when deploying session evaluations.

Session evaluations can be an excellent tool to score and benchmark your event content. It can also be used to segment your session audience via a simple Boolean logic question so you know not only who attended a session, but who wants to meet with a subject matter expert regarding the session topic?

Boolean Logic question.png

We have some excellent use cases of brands leveraging session evaluations to drive meetings to their sales team live during the event. Your sales team, and marketing stack should know each segment and have been prepared to treat Opt-In hand raisers live during the event and post.

3) Accommodate introverts with a well-placed Opt-in QR Code Lead Form with an Opt-out question.

Are you an attendee that likes to avoid a sales pitch while walking the show floor? There are many out there and your exhibit should accommodate.

QR Code Lead Form-1.png

We often provide our customers with a branded lead form in addition to customer lead retrieval for this purpose. On this lead form, include an attendee facing Opt-out question, especially if you’re providing incentive for the form completion.

Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about how Validar can help you your event pipeline and or want to see some excellent use cases.