Validar and Fish Technologies Announce Exclusive Partnership

Validar is  pleased to announce an exclusice partnership with Fish Technologies, the leading provider of experiential technologies and data collection platforms for consumer events like the Super Bowl and US Open. The FISH - Validar Platform provides  a turnkey solution that includes pre-registration, onsite registration, badge printing, and onsite experiential technologies. Some of the highlights of what the FISH-Validar partnership provides our customers are:

    • RFID Session Tracking
    • BLE Attendee Tracking and Messaging
    • Real Time Data Dashboards
    • Pre-Event Registration
    • Onsite Check-In and Registration and Badge Printing
    • Exhibitor/ Partner Lead Capture and Qualification
    • Personalized Attendee Content Landing Page (Microsite)
    • Playbook- Personalized Daily Agendas
    • Engagement Gamification
    • Experiential Engagement Technologies
    • Social Media Integration/ Visualization

For more information, please watch the video announcement below.FISH & Validar from FISH Technologies on Vimeo.