Unlocking The Future: AI In Marketing – Transforming The Event Experience

Join us in this insightful episode where we delve into the intersection of artificial intelligence and event marketing. Host Aby Varma, a B2B marketing leader, drives an in-depth conversation with Victor Kippes, CEO of Validar, a company known for its innovation in B2B lead management for events. Victor, with over two decades of experience in sales and marketing, brings valuable insights to the table, especially following his recognition as one of EventEx’s Most Influential Event Technology Professionals. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the dynamic role of AI in the evolving landscape of event marketing and management.Here are key highlights.

  • AI in Marketing: Victor discusses the transformative role of AI in marketing. He emphasizes how AI accelerates the understanding of client needs and preferences, enhancing marketing strategies.
  • AI in Event Management: The focus shifts to the application of AI in event technology and how AI aids in navigating large, complex events, enhancing attendee experience by recommending sessions and networking opportunities based on individual goals and preferences.
  • Data Analysis and Event ROI: A discussion then revolves around how AI can revolutionize data analysis for event planners, helping to synthesize vast amounts of event data to clearly demonstrate ROI.
  • Privacy Concerns and Ethical AI Use: Victor emphasizes the importance of compliance, ethical data collection, and AI usage in the event industry, noting the variation in requirements based on industry and audiences.
  • Future of AI in Events: The conversation takes a forward-looking approach, discussing the potential of AI in transforming the event industry, including the integration of AI in hybrid event models.
  • Advice for Marketers and Event Planners: Victor concludes with advice for professionals navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape, emphasizing the need to focus on technologies that genuinely add value to the attendee experience and event management efficiency.


Podcast Link: https://marketscale.com/industries/business-services/ai-is-revolutionizing-event-technology/

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