How to convert your event leads using email and landing pages

When incubating leads with the intent of creating conversions, your messaging, creativity and brevity will impact to a great degree the success of your campaign. This post will provide some quick suggestions to consider when creating landing pages for lead conversions. The first place to start is by categorizing your leads list. For tradeshows, customize your lead retrieval solution to accommodate three buyer types;

  • I have a need – Have sales call me
  • Cool product, I’m not a decision maker, send info
  • I’m here because you're giving away popcorn

  This is a great place to start when incubating leads for conversion! Over the years that we’ve been active in the event marketing industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating landing pages that convert. Here are some tips.

1. Concise Copy

Each category should be treated differently, with the first (I have a need) being bypassed completely and sent to sales! The other two should be incubated with content relevant to their place in the buying cycle. With your email and landing page content; get to point and don’t overwhelm your readers with information. Remember, in every type of writing, less is more. When writing the copy, only keep the information that’s absolutely necessary for them to understand the value of your product or service. Think about the following questions as you are writing your copy:

  • What dilemma do your readers want to solve and how will you help them?
  • Why should they turn to you, what is your value proposition?
  • What exactly do you want your readers to do? Register for the event? Join the newsletter list


2. Consistent Messaging

Remember to stay consistent in your messaging and deliver exactly what you are promising in the copy. It’s great to celebrate the event you’ve been so hard at work at, but don’t mislead your readers by telling them the event is something it’s not. Also, keep your brand in mind when creating your page. This can include anything from messaging points, tone and even the color scheme. A robust brand presence will increase your credibility to the readers and encourage conversions.

3. Strong, emotional visuals

As humans, we like to use all of our senses and emotions when taking in information. Event marketers see the most success with landing pages that include high-quality visual media (photos and videos). First, having an image or video on your landing page can increase your readers’ willingness to read the copy by 80%. Second, video prevails in visual communication, especially on landing pages. Not only does it attract 2-3 times more monthly visitors (SEO points!), but also help readers retain more than 95% of the message when they watch it in video format (rather than read). Video messaging works wonders for event marketers who want to build a stronger connection with their readers. By reaching out to your audience’s emotional side, you are more likely to be remembered by them.