Fishing for Qualified Leads: Which Strategies Yield the Biggest Catch

What do you fish with at tradeshows: a pole or a net? I often speak with exhibitors and event marketers who deploy one of these two lead capture strategies. Let’s review:

“Fishing Pole” strategy - I only scan leads that have expressed legitimate interest in our products and services. If they want a trinket, or have no authority, I don’t waste my time or my sales team’s time by scanning. When I bring home leads they are already qualified because I only scan the good ones. Counts are low but that is what we want. High quality, low quantity.

“Fishing Net” strategy - I know there are 8,000 people at this show, I want 8,000 leads. I bought 8,000 squishy balls and want everyone here to have one. All they have to do is let us scan them. High quantity, variable quality.

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