Extend Your Marketing Stack To The Show Floor - Part 1

What is a Marketing Stack?

Your company’s marketing stack is essentially a collection of all marketing technologies and tools you use to achieve your marketing objectives. Its main purpose is to allow you to build and educate a database of potential customers and guide them through the customer decision journey to the point of purchase through an integrated system of newsletters, ads and offers.

What’s included in a marketing stack?

So what does a marketing stack consist of? Different companies may require different marketing stacks depending on their product, size and resources. Below is a classic example of a marketing stack many young companies and startups adopt when they get started. A classic example of a marketing stack: {{image}}   At a high level, this technology investment is used to accomplish the following;

  • Attract: attract your potential customers, raise awareness about your product. You will need social engagement, content creation & delivery, and data acquisition and management tools for this part.
  • Acquire: acquire warm leads as new customers. You will need a marketing and sale automation system to push the sale of your product or service. The sales team plays an integral role at this point.
  • Retain: retain your audience and customers by providing them with valuable content and customer service, asking for feedback and suggestions.
  • Measure results: measure the results of your marketing cycle using tracking and analysis tools.

There are thousands of different options for tools and services for every tier of your marketing stack. We suggest researching all available options before signing up for them. Some things to consider while you research are:

  • Fit and features: does this tool include all features you need? Is it made specifically for your needs?
  • Price: what is your marketing budget? How robust of a tool do you actually need?
  • Integration: will the tools you purchase seamlessly integrate with each other?