A Technological Checklist for Tracking Your Event

We understand that while preparing for your next event, there will likely be a long checklist for all the odds and ends that will function to make your shindig successful. It’s important to remember that for events big or small, capturing actionable data from individual attendees is vital if your event intent is to generate demand. If it seems like adopting new technologies will over-complicate your strategy or your event to-do list, we encourage you to consider the following: for the cost of a bit more, learning and effort up front, gathering event data will indicate how time and money invested in planning has—or has not—delivered an ROI to your business. By adding the following technologies to your event checklist and preparing your marketing technology stack for these data sets, you can make sure your event is seamless and that any renewed interest generated through your event content is treated and measure appropriately.  Registration: In order to accurately measure your performance as a host, you need to know in real-time of those that have registered, who showed up, who did not, and who walked on. Each of these categories can be treated uniquely within your marketing technology stack. It’s important that treatment aligns with your actual attendee behavior. Validar is proud to have some of the smartest B2B event marketing brands in the world using our products to manage pre-registration, on-site registration, ticketing, and on-demand badge printing. Let us know if you have questions regarding pre-event data base prep and during event data capture strategies at registration. Attendee Tracking: Beginning with the registration technologies you choose, the cycle of tracking attendees grows exponentially more complex once the event is underway. Your team can miss a plethora of intentional (and unintentional) buying signals as a result of poor planning. Coupled with our registration capabilities, Validar’s Attendee Tracking technology is ideally suited to monitor and measure guest behavior in real-time. With the right technology you will be able to:

  • Track the event content that’s captivating to your attendees;
  • Adjust to ensure your event improves as it is still underway;
  • Monitor where your attendees are physically spending their time while at your event;
  • And, amplify attendee experiences at each location they visit while in attendance.

Lead Retrieval:  The ability to qualify leads as they’re generated can provide an enormous saving of time and effort after your event is over. For planning professionals, calculating the revenue and leads generated by a given event helps establish the overall value of their work, and offers a window into how event investment can pay off in the future. Our vCapture suite of lead retrieval products is ideal for gleaning more data from trade shows and meetings of all kinds. Whether you’re hoping to capture as many leads as possible, qualify leads more accurately, or simply produce better documentation on your potential customers, your efforts will be more trackable with the assistance of software. Event Surveys:  The best way for you to gauge event performance as a host and producer is through effective feedback. Validar’s EventHub encourages higher response rates from your on-site registration stations, your mobile feedback applications, and your email campaigns (via our Smart List email marketing tool.) Your event will be defined by its guests and the degree to which your business anticipates their needs—and you need to ask them directly about their experiences if you want to improve. — With a long to-do list and a litany of technologies dedicated to performance measurement, there is no easy way to prioritize what’s right for your event. If you feel overwhelmed, we encourage you to reach out to our team and get connected with the a suite of complementary products for measuring your event performance.